Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Venison Jerky

This is my own homemade recipe for Vension Jerkey

2 lbs. of thinly sliced venison mixed with

2 cups of Moore's Marinade (I love this stuff)

Tablespoon of Lawry's chilli powder

Tablespoon of garlic salt powder

2 Tablespoons of Chef's Seasoning

Tablespoon of pepper

Let this set overnight in a bag or marinade mixing dish.

Place on dehydrator trays, Before you start drying the meat sprinkle to your liking with
Lawrys Lemon Pepper over the meat, then start drying.

Keep a close eye on how fast it is drying. Depending on how chewy you want the jerky, let it dry longer for a more chewy piece of jerky.

Lastly and most important part of the recipe, is to ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

sounds good. Do you have anymore venison recipes? Love venison.